Math 6210 (Fall 2012): Topology

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Course notes [tex] (last update Nov 13)

I have written some very terse notes about some of the topics we are discussing in class but are not covered in Munkres's book. Your classmates and I will appreciate your help in adding more detail and examples to these notes. If you are willing to help, please download the tex file and e-mail your contributions to me. If enough people are participating, I will set up an automated way of managing your contributions.


Assignment 1 [tex] [solutions]

Assignment 2 [tex]

Assignment 3 [tex] (typo corrected Oct. 1)

Assignment 4 [tex] (only 5 problems required!)

Exam 1 [tex] [solutions]

Assignment 5 [tex]

Assignment 6 [tex]

Assignment 7 [tex]

Exam 2 [tex]

Other materials

An image of the blackboard on Friday, Dec. 7.

Munkres, Chapter 2 [pdf] [djvu]

Munkres, Chapter 3 [pdf] [djvu]

If you are tex-ing your homework using my files or wish to contribute to the course notes, you will need these style files [hw.sty] [words.sty] and you may also want the Bibtex file [6210.bib]. You will also need a fairly up to date tex distribution to get the files to compile (for example, you may need the enumitem package [enumitem.sty]. If you have trouble getting the tex to work, please ask me about it. Also, it would make things easier for me to read if you would enclose your solutions with \begin{solution} and \end{solution}.

I've been making use of Terry Tao's notes. These are from a real analysis course, but they contain a considerable amount of point set topology.