Calculus 2 MATH 2300 Summer 2020

Written Homework

Written homework is due once a week, on Thursdays, at the start of your recitation section, and must be stapled with your name, section number, and homework number on it to receive credit. Late homework will not be accepted.

There is also WebAssign (EWA) homework, which is separate from the written homework described on this page.

You will be graded on the clarity of your exposition. Your homework should be written using complete sentences to explain your steps. Here is some information about how to do a good job writing up your homework.

Please read the suggested texts before class, and then after class make sure to attempt the homework for the sections we covered that day.

You may find it useful to use a computer algebra system to check your work. The program Mathematica, for instance, is available free to students via the University of Colorado.  Another popular resource is Desmos.

The Mathematics Academic Resource Center ("MARC" MATH 175) is a great place to get help, and discuss homework with your classmates. The MARC is free and open Monday-Thursday from 9am to 9pm and on Fridays from 9am to 4pm.

Written Homework Assignments - Spring 2020:

(Note: You may need to refresh this page to see new assignments.)

Homework 1 - Due Thursday, Jan 16

Homework 2 - Due Thursday, Jan 23

Homework 3 - Due Thursday, Jan 30

Homework 4 - Due Thursday, Feb 6

Homework 5 - Due Thursday, Feb 13

Homework 6 - Due Thursday, Feb 20

Homework 7 - Due Thursday, Feb 27

Homework 8 - Due Thursday, Mar 5

Homework 9 - Due Thursday, Mar 12

Homework 10 - Due Monday, Mar 30

Homework 11 - Due Monday, Apr 6

Homework 12 - Due Monday, Apr 13

Homework 13 - Due Monday, Apr 20

Homework 14 - Due Monday, Apr 27

Homework 15 - Due Thursday, Apr 30