Time Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
 9-10 R. Willard Constraint satisfaction problems - a survey Slides W. DeMeo Barto and Kozic's "Rectangularity Theorem" Slides M. Moore Relational coloring of varieties with a cube term Slides R. McKenzie TBA
10-11 C. Bergman Properties of congruence k-permutable varieties I. Payne CSP for subvarieties of Maltsev products Slides A. Moorhead Higher commutator theory for congruence modular varieties Slides Á. Szendrei The subpower membership problem for finite algebras with cube terms Slides
11-12 Discussion A. Bulatov The homomorphism problem: Dismantlability and connectivity Discussion Discussion
 12-2 Lunch Dushanbe Teahouse Lunch Lunch
  2-3 R. Freese The state of UACalc Slides P. Vojtechovsky Solvability, boolean completeness and representations for quasigroups and loops A. Hulpke Algorithms for integral matrix groups Slides
  3-4 P. Jipsen Computational partial algebras and structural clones Slides A. Kazda Even delta-matroids and the complexity of planar Boolean CSPs Slides J. Hill Partition backtrack