Conference Schedule

A one page PDF version of the conference schedule is available here.
A PDF version of the schedule, abstracts, and poster titles is available here.
All talks will be in MacMillan Hall, Room 117. (Enter on Thayer Street, between Waterman and George).

Tuesday, August 11
9:00–9:30am Registration
9:30–10:00am Michael Rosen Opening Remarks
10:00–11:00am Bjorn Poonen Heuristics for boundedness of ranks of elliptic curves
11:00–11:30am Tea
11:30–12:15pm Patrick Ingram The arithmetic dynamics of correspondences [slides]
12:15pm–2:15pm Lunch
2:15–3:00pm Ian Sprung The Iwasawa Main Conjecture for elliptic curves at supersingular primes
3:00–3:45pm Rob Benedetto Determining potential good reduction in arithmetic dynamics [slides]
3:45–4:15pm Tea
4:15–5:15pm Matt Baker Lower bounds for average values of Green's functions and applications to canonical heights [slides]
Wednesday, August 12
9:00–10:00am Jeff Hoffstein The story of NTRU
10:00–10:30am Tea
10:30–11:15am Katherine Stange Visualising the arithmetic of imaginary quadratic fields [slides]
11:15–12:15pm Umberto Zannier On Silverman's bounded height theorem and unlikely intersections [slides]
12:15–2:15pm Lunch
2:15–3:00pm Rachel Pries Galois action on the homology of Fermat curves [slides]
3:00–3:45pm Wade Hindes Prime divisors in dynamical orbits
3:45–5:30pm Tea & Poster Session
Thursday, August 13
9:00–10:00am Laura DeMarco Variation of canonical height, illustrated [slides]
10:00–10:30am Tea
10:30–11:15am Masato Kuwata Elliptic K3 surfaces with Mordell-Weil rank 18
11:15–12:15pm Marc Hindry Brauer-Siegel ratio for abelian varieties over global fields [slides]
12:15–2:15pm Lunch
2:15–3:15pm Lucien Szpiro Self-maps of \(\mathbb{P}^1\) with fixed degeneracies
3:15–3:45pm Tea
3:45–4:30pm Arthur Baragar Interpreting Euclidean structure in the ample cone for elliptic K3 surfaces [slides]
4:30–5:15pm Holly Krieger A case of the dynamical AndrĂ©-Oort conjecture
Friday, August 14
9:00–10:00am David Masser Specializations and bounded height [slides]
10:00–10:30am Tea
10:30–11:15am Bianca Viray Obstructions to the Hasse principle on Enriques surface
11:15–12:15pm Shu Kawaguchi Around canonical heights in arithmetic dynamics [slides]
12:15–2:15pm Lunch
2:15–3:15pm Paul Vojta Recent applications of Schmidt's subspace theorem [slides]
6:00–10:00pm Banquet Providence Marriott Downtown
1 Orms Street, Providence
Saturday, August 15
9:00–10:00am Felipe Voloch Waring’s problem for polynomials [slides]
10:00–10:30am Tea
10:30–11:15am Rafe Jones An arithmetic dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture [slides]
11:15–12:15pm Michael Rosen An elementary proof of the Kronecker–Weber theorem in function fields
12:15–12:30pm Closing