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Mathematics 2001
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
Fall 2015

A Venn Diagram

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My idea is to make the exam a lot like the quizzes, meaning both types. I may add some new types of short answer questions that combine knowledge from several different badges or require some synthesis.

I hate memorization, but you should absolutely be able to re-create (not regurgitate) a correct definition of things like injective and surjective. My view is that if you truly understand them, you are able to do this without memorization. I don't know if I'll ask you to write out the definitions -- I could -- but they will definitely be tested indirectly in such things as "prove blah is injective" or whatnot.

I've been asked about the relative importance of the various material. There's a sliding scale: I'll test the important concepts a lot, and I will test less important concepts less, but possibly some. You can judge importance by how much time and effort we've spent on various topics.

The reason I give definitions and propositions as tools in proof quizzes is to help you know what you can use without proof. You shouldn't assume they will be given.

My advice: at this point, focus on practising writing proofs, since this encompasses all other types of understanding.

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