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Elliptic Curves and Algebraic Divisibility Sequences

Integral points on elliptic curves and explicit valuations of division polynomials

Algebraic divisibility sequences over function fields

Elliptic nets and elliptic curves

Amicable pairs and aliquot cycles for elliptic curves

Character sums with division polynomials

Terms in elliptic divisibility sequences divisible by their indices

Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Pairings on hyperelliptic curves

The elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem and equivalent hard problems for elliptic divisibility sequences

The Tate pairing via elliptic nets

Circles (number theory and hyperbolic geometry)

Visualising the arithmetic of quadratic imaginary fields

The sensual Apollonian circle packing

Elementary Number Theory

An arborist's guide to the rationals

Game Theory

A duality principle for selection games

How to make the most of a shared meal: plan the last bite first

Commutative Algebra

General Zelevinsky Algebras            

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Ph.D. Thesis

Elliptic nets and elliptic curves            

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Unpublished Notes

Formulary for elliptic divisibility sequences and elliptic nets            

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Notes on the Spin Homomorphism            

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Notes on Bhargava's composition laws            

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