General Info

Section 001 - 9-9:50 - ECCR 155 - Strider McGregor-Dorsey
Section 002 - 10-10:50 - ECCR 1B51 - Bryce Chriestenson
Section 003 - 12-12:50 - ECCR 1B51 - Jason B. Hill

Textbook: A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers, 10th Edition, by Billstein, Libeskind, and Lott (Addison Wesley Longman)

Prerequisites: One year of high school algebra and one year of geometry.

Syllabus: Online and in PDF.  


Assignment 1: [PDF] Due Monday, January 24

Assignment 2: [PDF] Due Monday, February 7

Assignment 3: [PDF] Due Monday, February 14

Assignment 4: [PDF] Due Monday, February 28

Assignment 5: [PDF] Due Monday, March 14

Assignment 6: [PDF] [Solutions PDF]

Assignment 7: [PDF] Due Monday, April 11

Assignment 8: [PDF] Due Monday, April 25



Review for Test 1: [HTML] [PDF] [PDF solutions]

Review for Test 2: [HTML] [PDF] [PDF solutions]

Review for Test 3: [HTML] [PDF] [PDF solutions]



Not all sections will use the same worksheets. Most, but not all, worksheets will have posted solutions.

Chapter 6 - Fraction Patterns Worksheet: [PDF] [Solutions PDF]

Chapter 6 - Dividing Fractions Worksheet: [PDF]

Chapter 6 - Fractions and Arithmetic Worksheet: [PDF] [Solutions PDF]

Chapter 7 - Decimals Worksheet: [PDF] [Solutions PDF]

Chapter 7 - Nonterminating Decimals Worksheet: [PDF] [Solutions PDF]

Chapter 7 - Rational/Irrational Numbers Worksheet: [PDF] [Solutions PDF]



The Student Academic Services Center provides academic skills building workshops for all CU students. You are welcome and encouraged to attend the workshops. The upcoming math-related workshops are listed below.

1st Things 1st! The Art of Managing Time   -   Monday, March 7 (3-4pm) Fleming 265A

Reading for Comprehension   -   Wednesday, March 9 (12-1pm) Fleming 170

Don't Panic! Test Anxiety/Stress Management   -   Thursday, March 10 (3-4pm) Fleming 193

Test Preparation/Finals Preparation!   -   Monday, March 14 (4-5pm) Fleming 265A

The Memory Game   -   Wednesday, March 16 (3:30-4:30pm) Fleming 294


Volunteer Opportunities at Local Elementary School

Pioneer Elementary and Sanchez Elementary schools in Lafayette need tutors and classroom helpers for Elementary school students.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact one of our CU volunteer coordinators: Ryan at or Amy at

If you are interested, we would ask that you be able to commit to helping out 3 - 4 times during the semester.

This is a great place to come up with ideas for your final project! (You can use your experiences at the school to build your final project.)