Math 3001, Spring 2020

Analysis I
CU Boulder

Instructor: Yuhao Hu


Office: Math 225

Office Hours: WF 4:00-5:45pm

Lectures: MWF 9:00-9:50am at ECCR 110


In some sense, mathematical analysis was introduced as a new language of mathematics in order to bring rigor to the subject of calculus (e.g., to understand the meaning of "limit"). The development of this 'language', like the invention of a telescope, allows one to make more accurate observations, put forward precise questions and propositions, and construct useful theories and techniques. These new questions, theorems, etc., in turn, enrich not only the language but also the body of mathematics that's tied to it. Almost 200 years after Cauchy's 1821 book Cours d'analyse, analysis is now a 'universe' in itself.

This course is a beginning step towards understanding analysis. We start with a bit of set theory, followed by an introduction to the structure of real numbers. We develop language/tools that allow us to make sense of limit, which further allows us to take a more precise view of functions and their continuity. This course ends with basic theories of differentiation and integration.


T1. Understanding Analysis, 2nd ed. by Stephen Abbott

T2. (Optional) Analysis I, 3rd ed. by Terence Tao


(weekly, only the first meeting of the week is dated; "S" stands for "Section" in T1)

01/13    Number systems, sets (S1.1); functions, logic (S1.2)

01/22    Characterization of $\mathbb{R}$, axiom of completeness (S1.3); Consequences of completeness (S1.4)

01/27    Cardinality (S1.5); Cantor's theorem (S1.6); puzzles arising from infinite sums (S2.1)

02/03    Limit of a sequence (S2.2);


02/17 (Midterm I on Friday)  





03/23-27 (Spring break; no class)   


04/06 (Midterm II on Friday)  





(Due on each Friday, unless specified otherwise.)

Homework 1 (Lectures 1-2) due Jan. 24

[Lecture 1]
Reading: pp. 1-7 (note: The default textbook is 'Understanding Analysis'.)
Exercises: [p. 11, Sec. 1.2: 1, 2, 3(a,c)]

[Lecture 2]
Reading: pp. 7-11
Exercises: [p. 12, Sec. 1.2: 6(a,b), 8, 10, 11, 12]


Midterm I: 2/21 Friday

Midterm II: 4/10 Friday

Final: TBD


Two lowest Homework grades will be dropped.

Homework: 30%         Midterm I: 20%         Midterm II: 20%         Final Exam: 30%