MATH 1300 - Calculus 1, Summer 2019

Written homework is due once a week, on Thursdays, at the start of your recitation section. In these problems you should show all of your work in complete mathematical "sentences", writing complete English sentences when you explain your logic. You should expect some homework problems to be more challenging than what you might see in WebAssign or on exams. Here are guidelines for how to write your homework. Please always staple your homework and label it with your section number. Late homework will not be accepted.

The expectation for your homework is that a level of professionalism is maintained. Below is a checklist to follow when writing and turning in your homework:
  • On the first page be sure to include:
    • Write full name in upper right corner (write "Jane Doe" instead of "Jane D")
    • Write section number under full name
    • Staple papers in upper left corner
    • Write name of assignment (e.g. "Homework 5")

  • Other requirements:
    • Do not submit a rough draft of your homework.
    • Write legibly and avoid submitting work that has scratched out work.
    • Cut off messy paper edges from spiral notebooks
    • Do problems in the order listed on the website
    • Do problems in pencil or black ink
    • Leave space between problems for feedback