MATH 1300 - Calculus 1, Summer 2019

Week 1 Day 1:
Function placemats
Follow-up Notes

Week 3, Day 3:
Transformation matching - parabolas
Transformation matching - cosines
Transformation matching - logarithms
Transformation matching - solutions
Parent function activity
Parent function solutions

Week 4 Day 2:
The Derivative Function

Week 4 Day 5:
Derivative matching
(Just do the first two pages. We will do the third page in Week 15).
Solutions to Derivative Matching

Week 5 Day 2:
Polynomial Derivatives
Polynomial Derivative solutions

Week 6 Day 5:
Grade This Quiz
Solutions to Grade This Quiz

Week 7 Day 2:
Introduction to Related Rates
Solutions to Introduction to Related Rates

Week 8 Day 2:
The derivative of arctan(x)
Derivative of arctan(x) solutions

Week 10 Day 2:
Sketching snippets
Solutions to sketching snippets

Week 11 Day 1:
Absolute versus local extrema
Solutions to absolute versus local extrema

Week 11 Day 2:
Modeling with Functions
Solutions to modeling with functions

Week 11 Day 3:
Introduction to Applied Optimization
Solutions to Introduction to Applied Optimization

Week 13 Day 5:
Definite integral dominoes

Week 14 Day 1:
Area accumulation functions
Use this on-line tool to help visualize the first example (Thanks to Athena)
Solutions to Area accumulation functions

Week 14 Day 3 and 5:
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus - the analytical perspective

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus - the graphical perspective

Week 15, Day 1:
Indefinite integral dominoes solutions