MATH 1300 - Calculus 1, Spring 2020

Enhanced WebAssign
Enhanced WebAssign (EWA) is an on-line system for answering homework problems. There will be three to four WebAssign assignments per week. Completion of these assignments is a required part of the course. It is your responsibility to make sure you complete each assignment by the posted due date. These due dates are shown in WebAssign, and are also posted on the schedule page of this website. Assignments are due at 11:59 pm on the due date.

You can get started immediately, even before purchasing the text and Webassign access!
The first assignment is due Tuesday of the first week of class, so do not wait! There is a two-week trial period in the beginning of the semester during which all enrolled students may use WebAssign without an access code.

Course materials:
Here is information regarding the required course material for MATH 1300:
The required material for the course is a Cengage subscription, available at the bookstore, or directly from the pubisher.
  • The subscription includes WebAssign access, and the ebook.
  • The subscription includes textbooks for any Cengage course at the University that you are enrolled in for the semester
  • The subscription includes auxiliary texts (e.g., student solutions manuals)
  • The subscription includes access to WebAssign and the e-book in perpetuity, in particular, it is not necessary to re-purchase a subscription for MATH 2300 or MATH 2400.
  • The subscription includes an optional one-semester free rental for a hard-copy of the textbook; this costs $7.99 for round-trip shipping.
  • You may purchase a binder-ready (loose-leaf) copy of the textbook from Cengage for approximately $45 (free shipping), or may purchase a hard copy through any other source they choose.

Accessing Webassign (EWA)
If you registered for the course by January 9, then you should already be enrolled in WebAssign. Your username is the same as your Identikey username, and your password is your Identikey password.

If you added the course after January 9 or if you have switched sections, then email to become enrolled in WebAssign. Include your first and last name, your CU email address, your Identikey username, and the course and section number you are enrolled in.

To log on to WebAssign, visit

You should see this screen:

The first time you log in you will be prompted to create a Cengage account (if you do not already have one) enter your email address (this needs to be your CU email, not a personal mailbox), and a password. This password is not linked to your IdentiKey. Then once the Cengage account is created and linked to your IdentiKey it will allow you to log in with either method and view all of your courses being run through Cengage. For more information read a pdf here or PowerPoint here

There is a two-week trial period in the beginning of the semester during which all enrolled students may use WebAssign without an access code. We recommend taking advantage of this by clicking "continue my trial period" until you are sure you will be enrolled in the course, at which point enter your access code here. After the two-week trial period, you will need to enter an access code in order to continue using the program. Current homework assignments will be listed under My assignments.

The recommended browser to use for WebAssign is Google Chrome or Firebox.

For problems with your WebAssign account, visit their student support page.
They also offer 24/7 tech support: 800-354-9706
If you drop the course during the first two weeks of the semester, contact WebAssign, who will release the code back to you for a refund from your original place of purchase.