MATH 1300 - Calculus 1, Spring 2020

Help with using technology:
Videos on various calculus topics:
Video Calculus, University of Houston

A diagnostic exam:
Diagnostic exam
Diagnostic Exam solutions, part 1, part 2, and part 3

Trig review materials:
You can start with Appendix C of your textbook (which includes lots of practice problems). After that, check out these websites:
Khan academy trig review materials
Paul's online notes algebra and trigonometry review
Paul's online notes trigonometry review for calculus students
Paul's online notes trigonometry summary sheet
Trig review problems plus solutions
Trig review worksheet

Some precalc review:
Lecture notes from different Calculus course: Click here

Some additional materials thanks to your instructors:
Mathematics Academic Resource Center::
    You may seek assistance with your math questions in the Mathematics Academic Resource Center (MARC) in Math 175. You may request help from any lab tutor. Show up prepared, with your textbook and class materials. When you ask a question, begin with a clear statement of the problem, what you have already tried, and why you think it should have worked. The Center opens the first week of classes and runs through the last week of classes. The hours are Monday through Thursday from 9am to 8pm and Friday from 9am to 3pm. Learn more about the MARC here.
Some on-line demos:

Interactive diagram that illustrates an area-accumulation function:
An area-accumulation function (by Harold Hausman)

A demonstration of secant line versus tangent line:
Secant/tangent demo