Spring 2015

The Kempner Colloquium meets Tuesdays from 12:10-12:50 PM in MATH 350. Lunch will be provided.

The colloquium is being organized by Sebastian (Yano) Casalaina-Martin.

Schedule of Talks

February 10 Jim Carlson
(University of Utah)
Transcendental numbers and periods
(Link to lecture notes on Noteshare)
February 13

Joint Math & Applied Math Colloquium

Friday 3 PM
ECCR 265
Andrea Bertozzi
Particle laden thin films: theory and experiment
February 17 Piotr M. Hajac
(Polish Academy of Sciences)
There and back again: from the Borsuk-Ulam theorem to quantum spaces
February 19

Alison Reddy
(UI Urbana-Champaign)
Appropriate placement of students into a first math course: Placement program best practices
March 3
3 PM
Wei Ho
(University of Michigan)
Distributions of ranks of elliptic curves
March 10 David Zureick-Brown
(Emory University)
Diophantine and tropical geometry
March 17 Jordan Watts
(UI Urbana-Champaign)
The differential structure of an orbifold
March 31 Karola Meszaros
Product formulas for volumes of flow polytopes
April 21 Michael Fried
(UC Irvine)
Connected components of sphere covers
(Further materials here html)
April 24

Joint Math & Applied Math Colloquium

Friday 4 PM
ECCR 245
Vladimir Sverak
(University of Minnesota)
On PDE aspects of incompressible fluid flows
April 28 Charles Vial
(Cambridge and IAS)
A strange linear algebra statement

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