Kempner Colloquium

  SPRING 2013

Monday 4-5 PM in MATH 350

Schedule of upcoming talks:

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January 16
 Stephen Curran
  Quantum symmetries in free probability Curran Job Talk
 January 18
 Partha Dey
 Energy Landscape for large average submatrix detection problems in Gaussian random matrices
 January 23
 Erik van Erp
 (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
 Index theory in topology and analysis: two histories
 January 28

 Po-Lam Yung
 Harmonic analysis (with a little taste of geometry)
 February 18
 Jose Rodriguez
 (UC Berkeley)
 Numerical algebraic geometry: an introduction and applications
 March 18
 Alejandro Sarria
(U. New Orleans)
 Regularity of solutions to a simple generalized model of fluid dynamics
 April 15
 Mariusz Wodzicki
 (UC Berkeley)
Mathematics and beauty
 April 29
 Brian Osserman
 (UC Davis)
Revisiting relative dimension of maps of varieties
 May 6
 Morgan Sherman
 (Cal Poly)
Complex geometry and the Ricci flow


This colloquium is being organized by Sebastian (Yano) Casalaina-Martin and Stephen Preston.  This webpage is yet another example of a shameless (indirect) copying of a webpage of Pasha Belorousski's at the University of Michigan.  A latex template for the poster (with title and abstract) is available here.