Kempner Colloquium

  FALL 2011

Monday 4-5 PM in MATH 350

Schedule of upcoming talks:

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September 6
(TUESDAY, 3 PM in MATH 220)

Jerry Kaminker
(IUPUI and UC Davis)
The spectrum of families of operators and topology
September 19
Roger Baker
Some problems in fine number theory
October 3
Giorgio Ottaviani
(University of Florence)
Vector bundles and tensor decomposition
October 6

(THURSDAY, 2 PM in MATH 350)
John Lott
(UC Berkeley)
Curvature for metric spaces
November 14
Kathy Merrill
(Colorado College)
Simple wavelet sets for scalar and matrix dilations in the plane
November 28

(11 AM MATH 220)

  Craig Westerland
(University of Melbourne)
Cohen-Lenstra heuristics for function fields and Hurwitz spaces
November 28
Brian Clarke
Riemannian metrics on spaces of Riemannian metrics
December 2

Joint Math & Applied Math Distinguished Lecture


Bernd Sturmfels
(UC Berkeley)
The central curve in linear programming
December 15

(THURSDAY, 11 AM in MATH 350)
Florian Luca
(C. de c. Mat. de la Unam, Morelia, Mexico)
Phi and sigma


This colloquium is being organized by Sebastian (Yano) Casalaina-Martin.  This webpage is yet another example of a shameless (indirect) copying of a webpage of Pasha Belorousski's at the University of Michigan.  A latex template for the poster (with title and abstract) is available here.