Campus wireless internet access

Free wireless internet access is available to all visitors to CU. Search for available networks on your device and choose UCB Guest. After accepting the Terms and Conditions you will be granted access for 18 hours. (This process may be repeated.) For more information, follow the Quick Link to the UCB Guest Wireless web page.

Getting around in Boulder

Boulder is pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly. See the Quick Links for links to information about the bus system and the bike sharing program. (Local bus fares are $2.25/ride.) There is also a link for campus parking, in case you have a car.

Eating and drinking

Your hotel might supply you with breakfast, but whether or not this is the case you might choose one of the breakfast places recommended by, several of which are Boulder favorites.

For on-campus lunch, we recommend the University Memorial Center (UMC) (0.7 mile/14 minute walk) or the WeatherTech Café in the C4C (Center for Community) building (0.4 mile/6 minute walk). The nearest off-campus locations are along Baseline Road to the south (between 0.2-0.7 mile/4-14 minutes walk). There are popular eating places on "The Hill" (0.8 mile/19 minute walk northwest along Broadway Street; most eating places are between College Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue). If you want specific locations, some of my favorites in this area are #1 Carreli's (Italian), #2 The Taj (Indian), #3 The Sink (burgers and pizza).

For other times, there are Quick Links to various lists of recommendations. What is important to say is that there are good restaraurants all around, many clustered on or near the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall. Whatever you choose, you should at least walk by, and perhap enter, the Dushanbe Teahouse, a unique Tajik structure in Boulder. (They serve food, too, not just tea.)

Boulder is home to several breweries.

Things to do

Boulder is a town for outdoor activities, so you might want to try one of the hikes suggested in the Quick Links.

Celestial Seasonings is a well known tea-making company based in Boulder. Its factory offers free guided tours daily and has a free sampling bar. The factory is located about 6 miles from campus, and is accessible by bus. Google maps will tell you which buses to take. (Ask for directions and then click on the bus image.)