The Mathematics Academic Resource Center (MARC) is a free service provided by the Department of Mathematics that offers students additional support for their CU Mathematics courses. In an effort to help curtail the spread of COVID-19, the Math Department is offering the MARC exclusively online for the summer semester. For the time being, the MARC will be the MARCO (“O” for “Online”). Year round, the MARC employs undergraduate students that have a strong background in mathematics and care about helping others learn. We also have a dedicated contingent of graduate students and Learning Assistants to assist problem solving in the Fall and Spring Semesters. MARC tutors are able to assist in all lower division Mathematics courses as well as many upper division courses. LaTex assistance is also available.

If you are interested in working for the MARC as a tutor, please contact Daniel Moritz at

For comments and suggestions, please visit the Mathematics comment page

To access a tutor, go to, and log in with your Identikey. Once you have logged into Zoom, on this webpage, click a tutor you would like to visit during the present time/day slot and you will be taken to their Zoom meeting waiting room and they should be with you shortly. If you are not taken to a waiting room, try a different tutor. All times are MDST. Hang in there, the MARC is here for you!

Location: Math 175
Summer (6/1 - 8/7) Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am - 5pm