Donor Support

The Department of Mathematics and its students have been particularly fortunate over the years, with an outpouring of generosity from its alumni and friends. These gifts make possible the excellence we endeavor to bring to all our students. And in today’s economy, it allows so many of our wonderful students to continue their education and concentrate on their studies.

It is heartwarming how this tradition of giving has allowed former generations to seed the success of future ones, making the math Department a living institution that spans the generations.

Mathematics Department

Give unrestricted funds to the Mathematics Department main fund, which we can apply to current needs.

Mathematics Graduate Student Fund

Give to the Mathematics Graduate Student Fund, which we use to support graduate student education.

Richard Laver Graduate Fellowship

Give to the Richard Laver Graduate Fellowship, to provide student support for doctoral candidates in the Department.

or learn more about Laver's life and legacy

The Mathematics Academic Resource Center Fund

Give to the Mathematics Academic Resource Center Fund, which offers students additional support for their math courses.

Undergraduate Support Funds

Robert Tubbs Award for Mathematics and the Humanities

Give to the Robert Tubbs Fund, which supports undergraduate math majors with interest in the arts and humanities.

John H. "Jack" Hodges Scholarship Fund

To provide scholarship support to undergraduate students studying mathematics.

or learn more about Hodges's life and legacy

Jack N. Hyatt Endowment in Mathematics

To provide scholarship support for students of modest means majoring in Mathematics and planing on becoming high school or junior high school math teachers or attorneys in the state of Colorado.

or learn more about Hyatt's life and legacy

There are other Departmental funds that you can contribute to by mail, at CU Advancement/CU Foundation,1800 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203. They are the Prime Bits Fund (0122117), Sieglande Haller Scholarship (0150805), Adele V. Leonhardy Scholarship (0150212), W. J. Thron Fellowship (0150575), B. W. Jones and W. E. Briggs Teaching Excellence Award (0154369), Ira DeLong Lectures (0158013), Aubrey J. Kempner Colloquium (0154296), and Burnett Chandler Meyer Fund (0154400).
For more information about these funds, please contact