Grader Application Form

All applicants must be active students [enrolled in classes] during the semester they wish to be hired for

  • Fill out an application. Indicate which courses interest you and for which you received an "A" or "B" grade.
  • Turn in an application with an unofficial or official transcript.
  • If interested in interviewing you, a Professor/Instructor will contact you a week to two weeks into the semester.
  • Once you are hired, the Professor/Instructor will provide you with adequate instructions and solutions for the grading.
  • Graders should not work more hours than one hour per student (example: for 25 students the total hours for the semester should be 25 hours).
  • Graders need to collect and return homework assignments according to the schedule established by the Professor/Instructor.
  • Graders are responsible for keeping track of their time. Graders are paid once a month, at the end of the month.
  • If at any time you are having problems contacting your Professor/Instructor, please feel free to ask the office staff to help you.

Courses Typically in Need of Graders

  • MATH 2001 – Intro to Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 2002 – Number Systems
  • MATH 2130/2135 – Linear Algebra
  • All 3000 Level Courses Except MATH 3850
  • All 4000 Level Courses
  • See the 'courses' tab at for a current list of courses and their instructors