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Linear Algebra Demos

            Matrix Calculations

                - Linear Algebra Toolkit - Interactive demos of various matrix calculations


                - Vector Addition Demo - Demonstrates the parallelogram addition method
                - Vector Shoot - Target Practice (game)

            Visualising 2D Transformations

                - Scribble & Transform - Do linear transformations on anything you draw
                - Fancier Scribble & Transform - Now you don't need to reset
                - The Gridmaster - See your graph paper transformed according to the transformation of your choice, by dragging basis vectors
                - Transformer 2D - Very nice Linear Transformation Viewer, with grid 2D Linear Transformations on grids, set the matrix by moving basis vectorss
                - Linear Shoot - Game to test your linear transformation visualisation skills
                - Coincidence Transformation - Game to guess the linear transformation

            Visualising 3D Transformations

                - Transformer 3D - Move up a dimension and play with 3D Transformations

            Eigenvectors & Eigenvalues & Dynamical Systems

                - EigenExplorer 2D and EigenExplorer 3D - Demonstrates the action of various linear transformations and their eigenvectors (3D seems not to work well with Mac)
                - Eigenvalue Catch -- Chase the output vector to find the eigenvectors
                - System of Discrete Dynamical Systems Applet - graph the solns for a 2x2

            Miscellaneous Others

                - Mathematics, Linear Algebra and the Bicycle
                - Dynamical Systems Dot Org - Fun watching chaos in action
                - EigenExplorer 2D and EigenExplorer 3D - Demonstrates the action of various linear transformations and their eigenvectors
                - Grid Transform Visual - See the effect of a transformation on a gride, adjust matrix by slider
                - UTK Demo & Resource Listing - good collection of links
                - Another Linear Transformation Visualiser
                - Linear Transformation on Lines - vizualise the action of a linear transformation on a spiky-ball of lines
                - Order of Transformations - See that order matters
                - Stereographic Hypercube -- Hit Stereo twice to see the cube by itself (2 copies)
                - Geometer's Sketchpad on the Web -- Very nice tools
                - WWW Interactive Multipurpose Server -- Applets and other fun
                - Some Flashy Math & Physics Applets -- including visualisation of linear transformations
                - Mathematical Demos - Topics including linear algebra, some dead links
                - Keep the Traffic Moving - strange math game
                - Eigenfaces

Computer Demos for Multivariable Calculus

                Professor Banchoff's Math 35 Labs (accessible only by campus computers)
                My favourite Vector Field Applet (shows curl detectors and stuff)
                Another Java Vector Field Applet I used (graphs vector fields)
                More.... (more applets and some course resources)