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I have given a selection of comments from departmental student evaluations on the last course I taught at Brown University (Math 52, Linear Algebra).  It is departmental policy to make these anonymous comments available after course grades have been submitted.  I have included negative comments also (at the end), and tried to give a representative cross-section of both (as well as preserving the ratio), while reducing repetition.  Full copies of student evaluations are available upon request.  See also numerical breakdowns.

Math 52 (Linear Algebra) - Spring 2006

Instructor was always very well organized for class -- She had enough material planned that she could ask students what would help them most, respond to questions.

Consistently very clear lectures.

She had countless extra office hours, encouraged questions and participation in class, and therefore was able to really get a feel for what we understood and where we needed work.

She gave effective, enjoyable lectures.  She made an effort to get consistent feedback about what material was still unclear.  She took the time to prepare examples ahead of time to illustrate her points clearly and concisely.  She brough in interesting applications of linear algebra to the real world.  Overall she was an excellent teacher.

When dealing with visually confusing topics, the computer demos were really helpful.

Kate would re-explain things as needed.  She is really excited about math ; brought that to the class everyday.  She was extremely thorough in her presentation of the material.  Kate made herself available @ any time whether via email or office hours; additional office hours were set as needed.

I appreciated the real-world applications Kate used such as face recognition, how Google works and MP3 info.  She is enthusiastic about what she does everyday and presented that in an effort for us to be as enthusiastic as she.  She constantly challenged us in thinking outside "black & white" "cut & dry" mathematics.

Def. the best instructor I've had at Brown so far.  One of the most enthusiastic/encouraging/available instructors I've ever had.

Kate was an awesome teacher.

Kate is fantastic and enthusiastic, and I will miss her a lot!!  Everything was very well thought out and organized.  I love Kate - her enthusiasm, inspiration, clarity, etc.

Kate is probably the best math teacher I've ever had.

Great lectures, both interesting and informative.

Very enthusiastic and excited about math, which made the course that much better.

Great professor!  Made this class a great experience.

Kate was a great teacher and reaffirmed my faith in the math department.

Kate is amazing math teacher [sic].

Kate's bright, funny, and enthusiastic about the material.

She was great!  She really paid attention to the students she was teaching.

Kate is an asesome instructor.  One of best instructors [sic] I've had here.  Very sensitive to needs and pace of students.

She had ample office hours and extended them before midterms and when homework was due.

Very enthusiastic about material -> made you want to understand and think about practical applications.

Always prepared, especially with her laptop (I know this was probably a pain for Kate, but very useful).

Always happy to answer questions in class.

Appreciated when you asked questions after class.

Very helpful during office hrs.

Encouraging, approachable outside of class, loved the material, funny in class, loved to show us application outside of class.

Kate is awesome!

Made sure to give individual help to students.

Sympathetic to students' needs.

Well organized and clear.  Used a good balance of definitions and examples.

I can't say that I disliked anything.

Kate is very enthusiastic, has a great mastery of the material, and is good at telling what students don't understand and what might cause problems.

Good pace through class.  Offered several ways to explain materials.  Allowed questions, comments, corrections.

Encouraged my interest in math.

Liked most: Methodical nature of her teaching.

Negative comments:

Sometimes went a little slow, but this was better than speeding through the material.

Sometimes material went fast for me (but maybe that was b/c I often didn't have time to read the section before class).

She sometimes would get confused and therefore confuse the class a bit.  She did a good job of correcting her errors, though.

More context could have been given when introducing new concepts.