Special Speakers

Graeme Wilkin (National University of Singapore)

When: 2017.02.21
Title: The reverse Yang-Mills-Higgs flow in the neighbourhood of a critical point
Abstract: The Yang-Mills-Higgs flow was originally studied by Simpson in the context of constructing Hermitian-Einstein metrics on Higgs bundles. Methods of Donaldson and Simpson show that the Yang-Mills-Higgs flow resembles a nonlinear heat equation on the space of Hermitian metrics on the bundle and therefore the downwards flow is well-behaved with respect to existence and uniqueness, and it also has nice smoothing properties. On the other hand, the reverse flow is ill-posed and therefore even existence of solutions is problematic.

In this talk I will describe a new method to construct long-time solutions to the reverse Yang-Mills-Higgs flow that converge to a given critical point. The methods naturally lead to an algebraic criterion for two critical points to be connected by a flow line and a geometric condition to distinguish between broken and unbroken flow lines in terms of secant varieties of the underlying curve. If time permits I will talk about work in progress to describe the compactification of the space of flow lines in terms of the geometry of secant varieties.

Topology Day 2017 (2017.03.14)


A comprehensive plan for the term can be found here:

Overview of Spectra

  • Speaker: Agnès Beaudry (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.01.17
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Cohomology Theories and Brown Representability

  • Speakers: Sebastian Bozlee and Cherry Ng (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.01.24

Prespectra and Spectra

  • Speakers: Nikki Sanderson and Katharine Adamyk (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.01.31

The Stable Homotopy Category as a Triangulated Symmetric Monoidal Category

  • Speaker: Matthew Pierson (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.02.07

Vector Bundles and the Thom Isomorphism Theorem

  • Speaker: Jordan Watts (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.02.14

Thom Spectra and the Pontryagin-Thom Theorem

  • Speaker: Andy Riddle (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.02.21

Quillen's Theorem: MU and Formal Group Laws

  • Speaker: Cliff Blakestad (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.02.28


  • Speaker: Markus Pflaum (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.03.07
  • Notes


  • Speaker: Agnès Beaudry (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.03.21

Symmetric Spectra

  • Speaker: Paul Lessard (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.04.11,18

Infinity Categories

  • Speaker: Jonathan Wise (CU Boulder)
  • When: 2017.04.25