Who am I?

Hi there! As you likely saw from the homepage, I'm TK. I'm a temporary assistant professor in the mathematics department at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. I absolutely love mathematics and essentially anything STEM related can pique my curiosity but specifically I spend my time studying differential geometry, differential equations, and their applications. I'm also starting to dabble in the land of Machine Learning as well. To see specifics of what I do (or MIGHT be doing) head over to my Research page.

Aside from the mathematical and academic life I try to do a little bit of everything in my free time (although COVID-19 has made some of these more difficult...). I like to run, paint miniatures, draw, play guitar and drums, solve puzzles, play video games and board games, etc. and as a Coloradan turned temporary Hawaiian, I greatly enjoy hiking!

For a quick summary of what I've done and been up to academically, take a look at my C.V.