Charlotte Aten (University of Rochester), Orientable smooth manifolds are essentially quasigroups

Tue, 25 Jan 2022, 1 pm MST

In my recent work with Semin Yoo we produced a generalization of a construction of Herman and Pakianathan which assigns to each finite noncommutative group a closed surface in a functorial manner. We give a pair of functors whose domain is a subcategory of a variety of n-ary quasigroups. The first of these functors assigns to each such quasigroup a smooth, flat Riemannian manifold while the second assigns to each quasigroup a topological manifold which is a subspace of the metric completion of the aforementioned Riemannian manifold. I will give examples of these constructions, draw some pictures, and argue that all homeomorphism classes of smooth orientable manifolds arise from this construction. I will then discuss a connection with the Evans Conjecture on partial Latin squares, give its implication for orientable surfaces, and state a related problem applicable to our construction for compact n-manifolds.

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