Sebastian Casalaina

Abstract Algebra 1

MATH 3140 Fall 2021

Course description

Covers basic properties of algebraic structures, including groups, rings, and fields. Prerequisites: (MATH 2001 or MATH 2002) and (MATH 2130 or MATH 3130 or MATH 2135 or MATH 3135).


MWF 11:30 AM -- 12:20 PM, meets remotely via Zoom.

You are required to have a working camera and microphone for this course.

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Office hours

MTWTh 1:00 --1:50 PM, F 10:30 -- 11:20 AM, or by appointment, (via Zoom).


J. Fraleigh, A First Course in Abstract Algebra (Seventh Edition), Addison Wesley 2003. ISBN-13: 978-0201763904. QA162 .F7 2002


Homework 15%, Daily Quizzes 5%, Midterm I 25%, Midterm II 25%, Final 30%.

The lowest Homework score will be dropped and the lowest five Daily Quiz scores will be dropped.