The 29th Annual
Great Plains Operator Theory Symposium
(GPOTS 2009)

Boulder Colorado

Press release 02/25/09, NSF grant awarded

The National Science Foundation has awarded the Department of Mathematics of the University of Colorado a $64,533 grant, entitled "GPOTS Special Meetings 2009/2010 - High-Altitude Training for the Next Generation of Operator Theorists and Operator Algebraists". This grant is to aid the Department in its organization of a Special Year and Conference in the Great Plains Operator Symposium Series for 2009-2010.

Together with organizers from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Denver, who were awarded a similar NSF grant, local organizers at CU Boulder obtained this funding to hold Special Meetings/Special Years in the area of operator theory/operator algebras and their applications. These Special Meetings continue the tradition of the annual Great Plains Operator Theory Symposia series (GPOTS) spanning three decades. This important international conference has consistently focused on important new developments and on exciting open problems to stimulate the operator community, and is especially open to participation by new researchers in the early part of their careers.

For the first time, during 2009-2010 at CU Boulder and 2010-2011 at the University of Denver, the organizers will run the Symposia as cornerstones of consecutive "Special Years", during which focused "GPOTS Seminars" and "GPOTS Colloquia" will be organized. The organizers will also develop further training opportunities for graduate students of CU Boulder, University of Denver, and sister institutions involved in the organization of previous GPOTS Conferences.

The 2009 GPOTS Conference will be held June 2-June 6, 2009 at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Colorado at Boulder. The Conference is also sponsored by generous grants from the Department of Mathematics, the Office of the Provost, the Office of Research, the Council for Research and Creative Works, and the Dean's Fund for Excellence at the University of Colorado at Boulder.