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Connor Meredith

Office: Math 328

Email: connor.meredith0913@gmail.com


About Me I am a PhD student of Mathematics at CU Boulder. For my dissertation, I hope to extend the Big NU Obstacle Theorem to congruence modular varieties.

Expected Graduation Date: May 2022

Advisor: Keith Kearnes

Research Interests: I am interested in Algebra as a whole, but especially Universal Algebra and Tame Congruence Theory.


Neutrabelian Algebras and the Split Centralizer Condition: This paper examines the dualizability of finite algebras belonging to congruence modular varieties. We prove that, under certain assumptions, the congruence lattice of an algebra satisfies a strong form of the split centralizer condition if and only if all of its subdirectly irreducible subalgebras are neutrabelian.