Athena Sparks

University of Colorado Boulder
Department of Mathematics
Office: MATH 366

Ph.D. Candidate in Mathematics at University of Colorado Boulder, present

M.A. in Mathematics at University of Colorado Boulder, Dec 2017

B.A. in Mathematics at Occidental College, May 2011

You can find my CV here.


My advisor is Peter Mayr, and my dissertation research area is Universal Algebra and Computability Theory. I am currently investigating the structure of clonoids and their applications to Promise Constraint Satisfaction problems. First results can be found here .

This past summer Peter Mayr and I led a research project for three undergraduates and one graduate student at CU Boulder on Promise Constraint Satisfaction. They will be presenting their results at a poster session of the Joint Math Meetings 2020 in Denver.

For my Master's degree, I collaborated with Silvia Fernández-Merchant and Bernardo Ábrego to determine the bipartite-cylindrical crossing number of the complete bipartite graph. Results can be found here.



Course Semester(s)
Math 1012 Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematical Skills Summer 2016, Summer 2017
Math 1300 Calculus I Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016
Math 1310 Calculus Systems and Modeling Spring 2018
Math 2300 Calculus II Fall 2017

Teaching Assistant

Course Semester(s)
Math 1071 Finite Mathematics for Social Science and Business Fall 2014
Math 1300 Calculus I Spring 2015, Fall 2018, Spring 2019
Math 2300 Calculus II Spring 2017
Math 2400 Calculus III Fall 2019