Contributing to Liber Mathematicae

Write articles

Like any other mathematics journal, Liber Mathematicae first and foremost depends on its authors to contribute high quality mathematical content. We therefore encourage mathematicians to write articles for Liber Mathematicae. A few guidelines need to be observed, though. By the very nature of Liber Mathematicae manuscripts will be accepted only for which the author agrees to a publication under an open document license model such as the GNU Free Documentation License or the Creative Commons Attribution License. This way Liber Mathematicae guarantees that original authorship is attributed appropriately, but also that derived work based on an already existing article is possible.

When an article is submitted to Liber Mathematicae it will be reviewed by a referee, selected by the communicating editor. Based on the evaluation of the referee, the communicating editor decides whether the article will be accepted for publication under the status level “testing,” the status level “in progress,” or whether the manuscript will be rejected. Acceptance under the status “in progress” usually means that the referee or editor thinks that the article, even though mathematically correct and interesting, still needs some expansion or improvement before it can be upgarded to “testing.” The level “testing” is comparable to the beta-status of a program before its final release. This way, an article under “testing” can be thoroughly checked by the community for errors, completeness or any other deficiencies the referee or editor might have overlooked. It is one of the tasks of the communicating editor to make sure that recommendations for improvements or corrections which come up in that phase are appropriately taken into account by the author of the article. The editorial board decides whether an article is mature enough to be regarded as stable, after a corresponding recommendation by the communicating editor.