Twentieth Annual Groupoidfest

Department of Mathematics, University of Colorado at Boulder

November 15, 16, 2014

This fall, the (twentieth) annual Groupoidfest is going to be held in Boulder, Colorado, on November 15th and 16th, in the Mathematics Building, with the main activities taking place in Room 350, the same room as we used most of the earlier times the event was held here.

Volunteers to speak at the conference are still welcome. The topic of the talk is expected to be some application of groupoids (in analysis, geometry, physics, topology, for example) or about some aspect of the theory of groupoids themselves. To volunteer to speak, or nominate someone else to speak at this meeting, please contact Judith Packer or Arlan Ramsay.

We will need a title and abstract a week before the meeting (sooner is okay) so participants can anticipate what is to come.

The campus map should help in navigating on the main campus and nearby. The main campus is contained in the region bounded on the east by 28th Street (US 36), on the west by Broadway,on the north by Boulder Creek, and on the south by Baseline Road. The Mathematics building is labeled "MATH" and is at the intersection of Colorado Ave. and Folsom Ave.

Local Information: