Chromatic Homotopy Theory: Journey to the Frontier

May 16 to May 20, 2018 at CU Boulder

Videos produced by Nikki Sanderson (CU Boulder)

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Graduate Workshop, May 16-17

SpeakerTitle (Click to view video)Comment

Mike Hill, UCLAMU and Formal Group Laws

Dylan Wilson, UChicagoBP, Landweber exactness and other examples

Mike Hill, UCLABousfield Localization and the Hasse Square

Dylan Wilson, UChicagoMorava E-thy and Morava K-thy and the stabilizer group

Agn├Ęs Beaudry, CU BoulderSome K(1)-local computations

Doug Ravenel, RochesterThe great conjectures

Mark Behrens, Notre DameComputational Chromatic Homotopy Theory

Paul Goerss, NorthwesternChromatic Splitting

Vesna Stojanoska, UIUCPicard Groups and Duality

Conference, May 18-20

SpeakerTitle (Click to view video)Comment

Jeremy Hahn, MITToward the C_p-fixed points of Morava E-theory

Nat Stapleton, KentuckyChromatic homotopy theory is asymptotically algebraic

Irina Bobkova, IASSpanier-Whitehead dual of TMF at p=2

Zhouli Xu, MITThe slice spectral sequence of a height 4 theory

Tomer SchlankAnabelian Bousfield lattice and presentable modesVideo not available

Eva Belmont, NorthwesternChromatic localization in an algebraic category

Takeshi ToriiA model for the K(n)-local stable homotopy categoryVideo not available

Tobias BarthelBlueshift and the equivariant thick subcategory theoremVideo not available

Prasit Bhattacharya, VirginiaOn beyond Zebra

Tyler Lawson, MinnesotaThe Adams-Novikov spectral sequence as a Goodwillie tower