Ross Willard (University of Waterloo), Inherently nonfinitely based nonassociative algebras

Tue, 20 April 2021, 1 pm MDT

This is a progress report on an exploration of Isaev's algebras and their cousins. Isaev's algebras were the first, and remain the only, known examples of inherently nonfinitely based finite algebras in Maltsev varieties. In this talk I will describe a class of finite algebras containing Isaev's algebras, and explain some basic tools that we have developed to help determine which of these algebras are inherently nonfinitely based. At the moment we are only able to apply these tools to Isaev's algebras themselves, but that won’t stop me from filling the 50-minute time slot which I have been offered! This is joint work with Emily Carlson, Mehul Gupta and George McNulty.

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