Matthew Moore (University of Kansas), The Hidden Subgroup Problem for universal algebras

Tue, 16 March 2021, 1 pm MDT Note the change to daylight savings time!

The Hidden Subgroup Problem (HSP) is a computational problem which includes as special cases integer factorization, the discrete logarithm problem, graph isomorphism, and the shortest vector problem. The celebrated polynomial-time quantum algorithms for factorization and the discrete logarithm are restricted versions of a generic polynomial-time quantum solution to the HSP for abelian groups, but despite focused research no polynomial-time solution for general groups has yet been found. We propose a generalization of the HSP to include arbitrary algebraic structures and analyze this new problem on powers of 2-element algebras. We prove a complete classification of every such power as quantum tractable (i.e. polynomial-time), classically tractable, quantum intractable, or classically intractable. In particular, we identify a class of algebras for which the generalized HSP exhibits super-polynomial speedup on a quantum computer compared to a classical one.

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