Log Geometry

Reading Seminar

  SPRING 2016

Tuesdays 3-4 PM
Thursdays 2-3 PM

MATH 350


Schedule of talks:

Tuesday February 9
Sam and Yano
Review of Log schemes
Thursday February 18
Minimal Log structures

  1. Kazuya Kato, Logarithmic structures of Fontaine--Illusie
  2. Dan Abramovich et al., Logarithmic geometry and moduli (arXiv)
  3. Danny Gillam, Log geometry
  4. Arthur Ogus, Lectures on logarithmic algebraic geometry
  5. Volker Pahnke, Uniformizing log-abelian varieties

This seminar is being organized by Yano Casalaina, Samouil Molcho, and Jonathan Wise.  This webpage is yet another example of a shameless (indirect) copying of a webpage of Pasha Belorousski's at the University of Michigan.