Deformation Theory


University of Colorado at Boulder

Seminar on 

Deformation Theory

   Fall 2011

Tuesdays 11 AM - 12 PM in MATH 350

This is a working seminar meant to introdruce deformation theory.  The seminar will be held in MATH 350.  The mathematics department is at the corner of Colorado Ave and Folsom St.  For a map of the campus, click here.  This is a continuation of last semester's Seminar on Deformation Theory (although prerequisite material from that semester will be reviewed as needed).

Schedule of upcoming talks:

August 30
Sebastian Casalaina-Martin and Markus Pflaum
Organizational meeting
September 6
Bryce Chriestenson
Differential graded lie algebras
September 13
Bryce Chriestenson Differential graded lie algebras continued
September 20
Rahbar (RV) Virk
Deformations of algebras and Hochschild (co)homology
September 27
Rahbar (RV) Virk Lie algebras and their deformations
October 4
Markus Pflaum
Deformation problems in algebra, geometry and mathematical physics
October 11
Markus Pflaum Deformations and locally ringed spaces
October 18
October 25
Markus Pflaum Deformation functors (Schlessinger and Artin)
November 1
Markus Pflaum Deformation functors and DGLAs
November 8
Sebastian Casalaina-Martin An introduction to tangent-obstruction theories
November 15
November 22
November 29
Sebastian Casalaina-Martin
Tangent-obstruction theories continued
December 6
Sebastian Casalaina-Martin
Deformation theory from the point of view of fibered categories
December 13
Further topics: the cotangent complex, deformation quantization, and Kontsevich formality


  • M.J. Pflaum, Deformation Theory, in "Encyclopedia in Mathematical Physics" (J.-P. Francoise, G.L. Naber, T.S. Tsun, Eds.), Elsevier (2006) (pdf).
  • Kodaira, Complex manifolds and deformation of complex structures.
  • Sernesi, Deformations of algebraic schemes.
  • Fundamental Algebraic Geometry, Grothendiek's FGA explained, Fantechi et al.
  • There are some nice lecture notes on the website
  • Complexe Cotangent et Déformations I, II Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Illusie. (pdf from springer, free on campus)
  • For a little background on the physics related to deformation quantization: Mathematical methods in quantum physics, Teschl (pdf)
  • Vistoli, Deformation theory from the point of view of fibered categories (pdf)
  • Kontsevich, some notes on deformation theory (ps)
  • Manetti, Lectures on deformations of a complex manifold (pdf) and Deformation theory via differential graded Lie algebras (pdf)

This seminar is being organized by Sebastian Casalaina-Martin and Markus Pflaum.  The web page is maintained by Sebastian Caslaina-Martin; it is yet another example of a shameless (indirect) copying of a webpage of Pasha Belorousski's at the University of Michigan.