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For each of the three abstracts for talks, there an html file and a pdf file. The pdf is the handout form of beamer talks. Each html starts with a more extended abstract. That is followed by footnotes corresponding to numbered items in the talk. During the talk I will say these, or even go to the board to explain more.
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1. Colloquium-ConnectedComps04-21-15: Colloquium-ConnectedComps04-21-15.html %-%-% Colloquium-ConnectedComps04-21-15.pdf

2. AltGroups-LiftInvariants04-21-15: Geometry Talk 1: Alternating groups and Lift Invariants: The talk starts by finishiing computing the Geometric monodromy group of the moduli space covers of the j-line arising from prime (and prime-squared) degree exceptional covers.

AltGroups-LiftInvariants04-21-15.html %-%-% AltGroups-LiftInvariants04-21-15.pdf

3. GoalsForAnOIT04-21-15: Geometry Talk 2: Goals for an OIT: Based on a a prime p, a p-perfect group G and conjugacy classes C for which C is p', we form a sequence of spaces. We conjecture for them properties like those of modular curves.

GoalsForAnOIT04-21-15.html %-%-% GoalsForAnOIT04-21-15.pdf