The Unexpected Lemon Curry

(c) Tim Price/Richard Green, 1989
Available from Granham Music
You've heard of the unexpected tiger,
Been hit by the unexpected bear,
But here we have something even weirder -
Some say it could leave you in despair.
It's the unexpected lemon curry,
The choice-selected lemon curry,
So best beware, it could drive you to tears.
It's the unexpected lemon curry,
You can't predict it, so don't worry,
And you'll always be surprised when it appears.
One day, on the week beginning Monday,
You'll find lemon curry on your plate,
So if it isn't there before the Sunday,
You WILL be expecting it.  Too late!
No, it's the UNexpected lemon curry,
The now perfected lemon curry,
A low pH concoction served with rice.
It's the unexpected lemon curry
And you won't forget it in a hurry:
La specialite chez T.J. Price.