Holomorphic Elephant

(c) Richard Green/Robert Marsh 1990
[From "The New Seasons", by Richard Green, Robert Marsh, Jenny Moy and Mary Webb, 1990]
Doesn't quite work out of context.
[4 elephants - E1, E2, E3, E4]
Els:    Yes, she's a mathematician and she lectures in the institute,
        She has a lot of toyboys and she runs a house of ill-repute,
E1:     But I know lots of functions that are beautiful and elegant;
        I am the very image of a holomorphic elephant.
Els:    A holomorphic elephant is complex differentiable,
        It eats a lot of food because its appetite's insatiable,
E2:     But I contain the images of every single element
        That you could hope to find within a holomorphic elephant.
Els:    We have to stay unbounded when we're on the Argand diagram,
        We're really four-dimensional and this is just a hologram.
E3:     I like to do analysis, although it seems irrelevant,
        Because I am the image of a holomorphic elephant.
Els:    Our trunks are so compact that we defy the earth's biology,
        And so we see ourselves as somewhat special in topology.
E4:     My thoughts are path-connected and that's why I'm so intelligent -
        I am the very image of a holomorphic elephant.