Parody of an Absolutely sketch by Ian Collier

Yes I do know what is a newsgroup. You read it using a computer, but first you have to buy a modem which does contain eight bits of parrot which ring people up and go beep beep beep, and then you have to telephone the devil and he says "would you like to read 'alter me into a silly billy'?" and you say yes and he does say you have to read seven thousand articles, ha ha ha, and then you have to post an article which does cost hundreds and thousands of pounds and the article is called "make money fast" and you do ask "Does anyone remember the Adventure Game? How many episodes did they make?" and everyone does say to you "FAQ off" and set you on fire and then you do put the phone down and British Tecelom send you a bill for a million pounds. And that's what is a newsgroup, it is it's true!

Snarfed from USENET by unkind permission.
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