19 March 2001


Environment and Transport Minister, Lord Whitty, today gave the go-ahead for the development of a new roundabout proposal between the M23/A23 junction at Hooley, Surrey. It comes with the decision to withdraw proposals for link roads.

The new roundabout proposal will provide a safer M23/A23 junction and will benefit traffic over a wide area by allowing vehicles to re-route from the local road network to the trunk road network.

Public consultation in 1995 highlighted support for better and safer access to and from the M23 and the A23 at Hooley, and link roads proposals were published in December 1996. However, development of that road scheme showed that not only would it be poor value for money, but it would also have a high environmental impact due to extensive highway construction.

The roundabout scheme would have significantly less environmental impact than the link roads scheme, requiring far less highway construction.

Making the announcement Lord Whitty said:

"It is very clear that improved and safer access to and from the M23 south of Hooley is needed, both for trunk road and local road traffic. I am satisfied that the new M23/A23 roundabout proposal will serve this purpose and will have benefits in terms of the economy and the environment.

"The next step will be to hold a public consultation and exhibition in the Autumn so that the public and other interested parties can make their formal comments on the roundabout proposal."

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