Pint Glass Numbers: 562

562. Not quite the same as 568, the number of millilitres in a pint.

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The Jolly Farmers (Greenalls), Paradise St (22.i.98)
2 (out of 2) straight half-pinters
Rosie O'Grady's (Morrells), Park End Street (22.i.98)
2 (out of 2) ordinary half-pinters
The Six Bells (Morrells), Beaumont Road, Headington Quarry (24.i.98)
2 (out of 2) low-stemmed half-pinters
The Bowling Green (Greenalls), Grafton St, Brunswick, Manchester (28.i.98)
2 (out of 2) ordinary pint glasses
The Plough (Free House), Merton, nr. Bicester (31.i.98)
1 (out of 1) ordinary pint glass
Merton Hall, (5.ii.98)
1 (out of 3) 125ml wine glass
The Kings Arms (Youngs), Holywell Street (7.ii.98)
1 (out of 3) straight half pint
The Carpenters Arms (Beefeater), Botley (10.ii.98)
2 (out of 2) ordinary half-pinters
The Queens Arms (Courage), Littlemore (20.ii.98)
1 (out of 2) straight-sided half pint
The Golden Ball (Morrells), Littlemore (20.ii.98)
3 (out of 3) standard half-pinters
The Duke of Monmouth (Marstons), Abingdon Road (13.iii.1998)
1 (out of 2) extra tall standard pinters
The Plough (Courage), Long Wittenham (14.iii.1998)
1 (out of 1) straight half-pint
The Machine Man Inn (Free House), Long Wittenham (14.iii.1998)
1 (out of 6) straight half-pinters
The George Hotel (Free House), Dorchester-on-Thames (14.iii.1998)
3 (out of 3) straight half-pinters
The Berinsfield Arms (Morrells), Berinsfield (14.iii.1998)
2 (out of 2) standard pinters
The Magic Midget (Morland), Abingdon (4.iv.1998)
1 (out of 1) standard pinter
1 (out of 1) standard pinter with bulge an inch from top
The Prince of Wales (Morland), Shippon, nr. Abingdon (4.iv.1998)
1 (out of 1) standard pinter
Jolly Farmers (4.iv.1998)
2 out of 3 pint glasses
O.X.One (15.iv.1998)
3 out of 3 straight pint glasses
The Philosopher and Firkin (Firkin), Cowley Road (22.iv.1998)
2 (out of 2) sloped straight-sided half-pinters
The Philanderer and Firkin (Firkin), Walton Street (22.iv.1998)
2 (out of 2) sloped straight-sided half-pinters
The Six Bells (Fullers), High Street, Thame (9.v.1998)
1 (out of 1) standard pint glass (number upside down)
The Friar (Arkells), New Marston (15.v.1998)
1 (out of 1) straight-sided half-pinter
The Isis Tavern (Morrells), Iffley Lock (2.v.1998)
2 (out of 2) straight-sided half-pinters
Jamals (27.v.1998)
3 (out of 3) ordinary shape glasses with Lal Toofan engraving
The Grapes (John Smiths), 80 Trippet Lane, Sheffield (vi.2002)

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