Pint Glass Numbers: 303

You can find your way home on the 303 - Kula Shaker.
Except they were probably talking about the road.

I have never seen a wine glass other than 303. - Kake.

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The Black Swan (Morrells), Crown St (17.i.98)
4 (out of 4) tall, top-heavy half pints
The Eagle Tavern (Free House), Magdalen Road (17.i.98)
1 (out of 4) straight half pint
The Fox (Morrells), Sandford-upon-Thames (22.i.98)
1 (out of 1) straight half pint
The Nut Tree Inn (Free House), Murcott on Otmoor (31.i.98)
1 (out of 1) straight half pinter
The Fair Rosamund (Marstons), Botley (9.ii.98)
1 (out of 2) ordinary pint glasses
The Perch (Allied Domecq), Binsey (15.ii.98)
1 (out of 3) pint steiner, 1 (out of 1) straight half pinter
The Turf Tavern (Hogshead), St Helen's Passage (18.ii.98)
4 (out of 4) standard half-pinters, 4 (out of 4) standard pinters
The Machine Man Inn (Free House), Long Wittenham (14.iii.1998)
1 (out of 6) straight half-pinter, 1 (out of 1) standard pint glass
The Berinsfield Arms (Morrells), Berinsfield (14.iii.1998)
3 (out of 3) straight half-pinters, 1 (out of 1) standard half-pinters
The Turf Tavern (Hogshead), Bath Place (26.iii.1998)
6 (out of 6) standard pinters
The Old School (Greene King), Gloucester Green (27.iii.1998)
1 (out of 1) diagonal-sided half pint
1 (out of 1) diagonal-sided pint glass
The Bricklayers Arms (Halls), Old Marston (28.iii.1998)
1 (out of 1) standard pinter
The Fuggle and Firkin (Firkin), Gloucester Street (22.iv.1998)
2 (out of 2) sloped straight-sided half-pinters
White Horse (7.v.1998)
2 (out of 3) standard pint glasses
The Abingdon Arms (Free House), High Street, Thame (9.v.1998)
4 (out of 4) vertical straight half-pinters
Eagle & Child - (15.iv.1998)
3 (out of 4) pint glasses
Eagle & Child - (15.iv.1998)
4 (out of 5) half-pint glasses (2 straight, 2 ordinary)
The Isis Tavern (Morrells), Iffley Lock (2.v.1998)
5 (out of 5) standard half-pinters
Royal Oak (27.v.1998)
4 (out of 4) pints
Jamals (27.v.1998)
3 (out of 3) 125ml wine glasses
The Blenheim, St Ebbes (
1 (out of 1) standard half-pint

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