Math 6220, Introduction to Topology 2, Spring 2014


Dr. Markus Pflaum

Course Contents:

Introduces elements of general topology, algebraic topology, and differentiable manifolds.


Lecture Hours and Venue:

MWF 9:00 a.m. - 9:50 a.m., ECCR 1B08.


Assignments will be given in class on a regular basis. Homework is usually due two weeks after the assignment. It is the student's responsibility to get these assignments in the event of an absence from class. Show all your work. Homework will be graded.

Homework   Due Date    Homework   Due Date    Homework   Due Date   
Set 1 01/31/2014 Set 2 02/14/2014 Set 3 02/28/2014
Set 4 03/14/2014 Set 5 04/25/2014

Course Grading:

Your grade will be determined from the graded homework.


Rotman, Algebraic Topology, Springer

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