December 5, 2011
Here are links to various review resources for the final:
Patrick Newberry's review: Download
Erica Shannon's resources page (has past finals): Link
October 10, 2011
Answers to today's review sheet: Download courtesy of Dan Proulx.
Midterm from the summer: Download
Quiz October 4
Download the solutions here.
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SUMMER 2011 EXAM 1: Download
Partial solutions: Download

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Syllabus: Download
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Important dates: Test 1 : September 14 5:15-6:45pm CHEM 140
Test 2 : October 12 5:15-6:45pm CHEM 140
Test 3 : November 9
Final : December 12 10:30-1:00pm CHEM 140

Written homework: Group homework will be accepted. In order to turn in a group assignment you must formally declare your group to me via e-mail or in-person. High standards will be enforced for written assignments. A useful set of guidelines can be found here.

Group sizes will be limited to 4 students. A submitted group assignment will have all students' names, as well as documentation of the process. Remember, this is OPTIONAL.