Reading Schedule

Date: Last revised: July 28, 2013

Reading Instructions

The date in the first column refers to one lecture session. Here's what you should do:

  1. Before class, read everything listed in the ``Reading'' column.
  2. Reading Lay involves doing the short and sweet Practice Problems at the end of each chapter. (Answers are printed after the Exercises.)
  3. Before class, attempt the Problems in the ``Problems'' column.
  4. During class, ask questions that clarify any problems you are having with reading and homework.
  5. After class, write up neat correct solutions to all the problems in the ``Problems'' column to be handed in next class.


In preparation for class on August 30th, you will write up correct solutions to problems from §1.1, read §1.2, and attempt the problems of §1.2.


Days marked TENTATIVE (in red) may change over the course of the semester based on student needs. For example, I may just cover the material in less depth as a lecture and spend some time on review, instead of assigning that reading. The other days constitute the core material required by the university syllabus; dates of these may change, but content will not be changed. You should always refer to the most current online version of this table.

Where are readings from?

Readings refer to your textbook Linear Algebra and its Applications, 4e by David C. Lay, except for the ``Hefferon Topics" which can be found in the free online textbook Linear Algebra by Jim Hefferon, available under ``Resources" on the course webpage.

Reading Schedule

Due Reading Problems
AUG 26 none none
AUG 28 Your course syllabus, §1.1: 6,14,18,24,26
  Lay: Contents, Preface  
  Lay: A Note to Students  
  Chapter 1 Introductory Example,  
  §1.1 Systems of Linear Equations  
AUG 30 Documents under ``My Resources'' here §1.1: 26.
SEP 4 §1.2 Row Reduction and Echelon Forms §1.2: 2,10,16,22,30
SEP 6 §1.3 Vector Equations §1.3: 2,6,8,14,22,24,34
SEP 9 §1.4 The Matrix Equation $ A\mathbf{x} = \mathbf{b}$ §1.4: 2,4,8,14,24,26
SEP 11 §1.5 Solution Sets of Linear Systems §1.5: 12,14,20,24,26,30,38
SEP 13 Class cancelled. Be safe and dry.
SEP 16 Review what we've done so far Answer this form before class.
Note: quiz will cover everything so far.
  §1.6 Applications of Linear Systems §1.6: 4,6,14
  Hefferon Topic: Computer Algebra Systems, Accuracy of Computations: Exercise 3
  Hefferon Topic: Accuracy of Computations, Use Mathematica or Sage or Wolfram Alpha or another
    computer program to check three of the linear systems in
    your past homework (check one each having no solution,
    a unique solution, or infinitely many solutions)
    Suggestions for software are under `Resources' on website.
SEP 20 §1.7 Linear Independence §1.7: 2,4,10,18,20,22,24,30,32
SEP 23 §1.8 Introduction to Linear Transformations §1.8: 2,4,16,18,20,22,24,36
SEP 25 §1.9 The Matrix of a Linear Transformation §1.9: 2,4,6,8,16,18,24,26
  §1.10 Linear Models in Business, Science, §1.10: 4,6,10
  and Engineering  
SEP 30 Review Study for midterm
OCT 2 Chapter 2 Introductory Example, §2.1: 2,6,8,12,14,16,30
  §2.1 Matrix Operations Note: Do the computations above by hand and
    check at least one of them using software.
    In future homeworks, you may do especially large matrix
    multiplications using software, but should still do some
    by hand as you will need to on exams.
OCT 4 §2.2 The Inverse of a Matrix §2.2: 3,6,8,10,12,22,32
    Do computations by hand; later you can use software
    sometimes but not always (i.e. same note as above.)
  §2.3 Characterizations of Invertible Matrices §2.3: 2,4,6,12,14,18
    Use no software on these! Efficient answers = higher grades.
OCT 9 §2.8 Subspaces of $ \mathbb{R}^n$ §2.8: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,18,22,24,32
OCT 11 §2.9 Dimension and Rank §2.9: 2,6,8,10,14,18,24
OCT 14 Chapter 3 Introductory Example, §3.1: 2,10,20,36,40,42
  §3.1 Introduction to Determinants Do computations by hand; later you can use software
    sometimes but not always (i.e. same note as above.)
OCT 16 §3.2 Properties of Determinants §3.2: 6,28,30,32,36,40
§3.3 Cramer's Rule, Volume, §3.3: 4,8,16,29
  and Linear Transformations  
Due Reading Exercises
OCT 18 Chapter 4 Introductory Example §4.1: 2,4,6,8,10,18,19,24,26,30,32
  §4.1 Vector Spaces and Subspaces  
OCT 21 §4.2 Null Spaces, Column Spaces §4.2: 2,6,12,16,20,26,28,32
  and Linear Transformations  
OCT 23 §4.3 Linearly Independent Sets; Bases §4.3: 2,4,6,8,12,16,22,23,24,26,34
OCT 25 §4.4 Coordinate Systems §4.4: 4,8,10,14,16,20,21,30,32
OCT 28 §4.5 The Dimension of a Vector Space §4.5: 6,10,12,14,20,22,24,26,27,30
OCT 30 §4.6 Rank §4.6: 4,6,8,10,12,18,20,27,28

NOV 1 §4.9 Applications to Markov Chains §4.9: 4,6,14
NOV 4 REVIEW No homework assigned.
NOV 6 §4.7 Change of Basis §4.7: 2,4,6,8,12,14
NOV 8 We will be working with this handout. No quiz. You can get one problem re-graded on the midterm; hand in monday; see my email.
  §4.8 Applications to Difference Equations §4.8: 2,8,16
  Hefferon Topic: Dimensional Analysis Dimensional Analysis: Exercise 1
  Hefferon Topic: Crystals Crystals: Exercise 2
  Chapter Five Introductory Example §5.1: 2,4,8,12,18,20,22,24,32
  §5.1 Eigenvectors and Eigenvales Note: For full marks, do exercises efficiently
    (don't find all eigenvalues/vectors and then compare)
NOV 15 §5.2 The Characteristic Equation §5.2: 2,10,16,20,22
§5.3 Diagonalization §5.3: 4,6,16,18,22,26,32
NOV 18 §5.4 Eigenvectors and Linear Transformations §5.4: 12,16
  §5.6 Discrete Dynamical Systems §5.4: 2,4,6,10,20 (note section is 5.4, this is delayed hwk)
  only skim from "Complex Eigenvalues" onwards §5.6: 2,4,8 (these are from 5.6)
  §5.7 Applications to Differential Equations §5.7: 6,8,10
  Hefferon Topic: Page Ranking Page Ranking: Exercise 3
DEC 2 Chapter Six Introductory Example §6.1: 6,8,12,14,18,20,22,26,28
  §6.1 Inner Product, Length, and Orthogonality  
DEC 4 §6.2 Orthogonal Sets §6.2: 4,12,16,20,24,30
§6.3 Orthogonal Projections §6.3: 6,8,12,14,22,24
DEC 6 §6.4 The Gram-Schmidt Process §6.4: 4,8,14,18
Hefferon Topic: Voting Paradoxes Voting Paradoxes: Exercise 3
DEC 11 none We will be doing review
DEC 13 none We will be doing review