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Linear Algebra
MA 52, Spring 2006
Section 4

C Hour; MWF 10:00--10:50am
B&H 163

Instructor: Kate Stange

Office: 018 Kassar House (across Thayer from Ratty),
Phone: 863-3560,


Office hours: TBA

Text: Otto Bretscher, Linear Algebra with Applications, Pearson Prentice Hall, 3rd edition. A copy is on reserve at the Sciences Library.

Course material on the web:
Course Announcements will be made here and via email, so check both.

Grading Breakdown: 10% Homework, 30% Midterm, 60% Final

I reserve the right to lower your grade by up to 5% if you habitually disrupt the learning of other students during lecture (i.e. talking, arriving late). If you must occasionally arrive late, simply see me after class to give an explanation, and it will not count against you.

Homework: Homework will be assigned in class on Fridays, and should be turned in the following week on Friday at the beginning of class. Your lowest homework grade will be dropped.

Do your homework as it is assigned, and not at the last minute. You are only done with a problem when you understand why the methods you used have worked. If all you are doing is blindly applying formulas and mimicking examples, get extra help. The assigned problems are those you hand in; you are expected to do additional problems on your own until you understand the material.

Submitting the homework.
Please prepare your homework according to the following rules:
Write your name clearly at the top of every page.
Put the problems in order, indicating clearly what you have skipped.
Staple your homework. Paper clips, folded corners, etc. are not acceptable.
Turn in assignments on time. No late homework will be accepted.
Write clearly. If your homework is too messy, a grader may choose not to grade it.

Collaboration: You can talk each other about any of homework problems, but when you write up the problems to be handed in, you must work alone.

Exams: The midterm exam is tentatively scheduled for \textbf{Wednesday, March 8th, 7-9 pm}. The final exam is scheduled by the registrar.

There are no excuses other than incapacitating illness or family emergency for missing an exam. In such cases you should contact me to arrange an oral make-up exam. No calculators are allowed on exams.

Resources: If you don't understand something, there are plenty of ways to go: questions are welcome in class. For a longer conversation, I have regular office hours. To make an appointment for another time if you need to, please email me. The Math Resource Center, staffed by math grad students and offering help in linear algebra, is open Monday through Thursday 8:00--10:00pm. Information at Private tutors are available at 863-2708 for fee. More suggestions are available at the course webpage.

Courseload: Come to every class. Work at a steady pace throughout the semester. I expect you to read the relevant portions of the textbook \textbf{before and after} the corresponding lecture. I expect you to work the problems gradually as the material is covered, not at the last minute. If you are confused about the material, do not avoid the issue. It's normal to be temporarily bewildered sometimes while learning mathematics. Seek help!

And remember: office hours are not replacements for missing classes.