Welcome to Linear Algebra,
Math 52!

Section 04 Spring 2006
Instructor Kate Stange

Welcome to Linear Algebra. Enter into the abstract world of mathematics, and come out with new tools and new ways of thinking.

Class is held in B&H 163

My office is Kassar House 018, and my office number is 863-3560.

The best way to reach me is by email at math52stange@ math.brown.edu

Office Hours are Tuesday 12-1 and Thursday 8:30-10 am.

Chapters 5, 6 and 7 Review Package Here
Solutions to problems 1-20 here
Solutions to problems 21-35 here
Solutions to problems 36-47 here

MATH MOVIE NIGHT ("The Math Life")
Why are mathematicians so weird?
List 110, 7 pm Thursday May 4th
Free Indian Food!
Math 52 Course Party!

Chapters 3 and 4 Review Problems Here
Review Sol'ns Here: 1-10, 11-30, 31-47

Read up to 7.4