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Math 3001-001: Analysis 1, Fall 2019


Catalogue description: 
Provides a rigorous treatment of the basic results from elementary calculus. Topics include the topology of the real line, sequences of numbers, continuous functions, differentiable functions and the Riemann integral.

Requisites: Requires one of MATH 2001 or MATH 2002. Also requires one of MATH 2130 or MATH 3130 or MATH 2135 or MATH 3135. (All with minimum grade of C-).

Understanding Analysis (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) 2nd ed. 2015 , by Stephen Abbott.

You can freely download the PDF for the book from Springer through our library by following this link.

Homework, Quizzes and Exams: 
During the semester there will be regularly assigned homework and quizzes, one midterm and a final exam. Your course grade will be computed according to the formula:

Grade = HW(30%) + Quiz(20%) + Mid(20%) + Final(30%).

You must take the final exam to pass the course.

Late homework will not be accepted and missed quizzes cannot be made up. However, I will not count your two lowest homework scores nor your two lowest quiz scores.

You will be graded only on your written work. This work will be judged on the basis of correctness, completeness and legibility. Strings of formulas without explanation will not be accepted. Paragraph organization (where appropriate), complete sentences and correct punctuation are expected.

Homework: Usually due Wed
Quiz: Usually on Mon
Labor Day: Sep 2
Midterm: Oct 11 (in class)
Fall Break: Nov 25-29
Last Day: Dec 12
Final Exam: Dec 18, 1:30-4pm.

Getting Help: 
Don't wait until it is too late if you need help. Ask questions! I am available during the office hours listed here and also at many other times. If you can't see me during office hours, then make an appointment with me to see me at a different time. I will also give short answers to questions sent by email. One can get help for lower division math courses in the Math Academic Resource Center, and it might happen that someone there can answer your Math 3001 questions.

Information concerning our class will be posted on my teaching web page under the link for Teaching. A copy of any document I hand out in class will be accessible from this page.