Mathematics 2001
Spring 2016
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

Course Description
Introduces the ideas of rigor and proof through an examination of basic set theory, existential and universal quantifiers, elementary counting, discrete probability, and additional topics. Department enforced prereq., MATH 1300 or MATH 1310 or APPM 1345 or APPM 1350.
Schedule MWF 10 AM - 11 AM,  ECCR 108
(University of Colorado Academic Calendar)
Sebastian Casalaina-Martin
Mathematics 221
Office Hours
Wednesday 11 AM - 2 PM
Richard Hammack, The Book of Proof. Creative Commons, 2nd edition, 2013.  (Available for free at the author's website.)
There will be homework assignments posted online.
This syllabus is a rough guide to the topics we will cover.
Homework and Quizzes 15%, Midterm I 25%, Midterm II 25%, Final 35%.
Please read the following class policies.