Mathematics 2300

Analytic geometry and calculus 2

Course Description
Continuation of MATH 1300. Topics include transcendental functions, methods of integration, polar coordinates, conic sections, improper integrals, and infinite series. Prereq., Calculus 1 MATH 1300.
Schedule Weekly schedule of all lectures and sections.
(University of Colorado Academic Calendar)
Sebastian Casalaina-Martin (Section 005)
Michael Martinez (Section 001)
Alejandro Spina (Section 002)
Ryan Rosenbaum (Section 003)
Erica Shannon (Section 004)
Charles Scherer (Section 006)
Trubee Davison (Section 007)
David Wayne (Section 008)
Teaching Assistants
Steve Limburg (Sections 001, 002, 003)
Chao Ma (Sections 004, 007)
Joseph Migler (Sections 005, 006, 008)
Learning Assistants
Stephen Krupansky
Taylor Froehlich
Office Hours
See your instructor's webpage for her/his office hours.
Calculus, by Hughes-Hallett et al. (Wiley), 5th edition.
There will be weekly homework assignments.
This syllabus is a guide to the topics we will cover.
Grades will be based on homework, projects and exams.  The approximate breakdown is:  Written Homework 10%, WeBWork Homework 10%, Projects 10%, Midterms 40%, Final 30%.
Please read the following class policies.